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NIPS/NIPT - News Detail

July 22, 2016 / By BWHC


NIPS/NIPT stands for non-invasive prenatal screening/test for chromosomal abnormalities of your baby by using your blood.

BWHC provide myNIPS tests.

myNIPS: What is it?
myNIPS tests your blood to tell your baby’s risk of Down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities with over 99% accuracy. We use the latest DNA technology called whole genome sequencing with Illumina Inc. (USA) patented SAFeR® software. The test can also tell you the baby’s sex accurately (98-99%). No invasive protocol is used; therefore, there is no risk of injury to your baby and no risk of miscarriage. It is available from 10 weeks of pregnancy and can be used for both singletons and twin pregnancies.

myNIPS: How does it work?
myNIPS analyzes the cell-free placental DNA floating in your blood to estimate the risk of your baby having chromosomal abnormalities. We massively parallel sequenced the DNA obtained and use bioinformatics (patented SAFeR® algorithm) to calculate how likely it is for your baby to have the different conditions, such as Down syndrome and monosomy X syndrome. myNIPS is carried out in our technology-transferred Bangkok-based laboratory (from Illumina Inc.).

myNIPS: Who is it for?
You should ask for this test if you

  • are over 30 years old
  • are over 10 weeks pregnant
  • have contraindications for invasive protocols
  • have conceived through IVF
  • have a family history of genetic diseases
  • have abnormal ultrasound or serum screen results

myNIPS: How much does it cost?
myGenome Co., Ltd, the service provider of myNIPS, envisions an affordable and easily accessible test for every pregnant woman. Please contact your nearest healthcare provider for the cost of our tests.

Is there an alternative to myNIPS?
Yes, a specialized ultrasound (NT ultrasound) combined with biochemical markers analysis can be done in the first and second trimesters of pregnancy. The accuracy is about 5% to 80%, depending on the condition screened for. Therefore, there is a high risk of false positive and false negative associated with the screening test. You might need to do an unnecessary invasive protocol as a result, therefore risking a 0.5-1% chance of having a miscarriage.

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